Lamb & Rice

Lamb & Rice

Lamb and Rice for Adult dogs has been formulated to provide a balanced diet for adult dogs while being gentle on the digestive tract. The single animal protein source (lamb) means that this diet is particularly suitable for dogs which may be sensitive to other animal proteins such as chicken, pork or beef.

Product selection Weight Price (inc.VAT)
Lamb & Rice 12Kg 12Kg £34.00
Lamb & Rice 12Kg with Verm-X 12Kg £40.00
Lamb & Rice 7.5kg 7.5Kg £26.00


Lamb and Rice for Adult dogs

Lamb and Rice for Adult dogs is a hypoallergenic diet providing highly digestible protein and carbohydrate sources for dogs.

Formualted without dairy, soya, pork, beef, eggs, wheat or wheat gluten it contains no artificial colourings, flavourings or preservatives.

Digestive Health

Super Premium Lamb and Rice for Adult dogs is a good dog food for those dogs which are sensitive to beef, pork or chicken. It is formulated with a single source of animal protein (lamb) which can help dogs with dietary sensitivites to other animal proteins. The high levels of lamb and rice contained in this diet help to produce small firm stools while giving a palatable diet for your pet. Rice provides a natural source of wholegrain carbohydrates which are gentle to dogs with delicate digestive systems. The rice provides a readily available energy source while the oats in Super Premium Lamb and Rice for Adult dogs provides a valuable source of sustainable energy which may help to alleviate the sensation of hunger. Soluble and insoluble fibre is provided by sugar beet and barley. Soluble and insoluble fibre are important in maintaining normal gut transit time and mobility.

Teeth and bones

Phosphorous and calcium are important to develop and maintain healthy teeth and bones and therefore help to provide for a robust skeletal development. The crunchy kibble will also help maintain oral health.

Skin and Coat

This diet contains the essential fatty acids omega 3 and 6 as well as zinc and biotin all of which help to maintain a healthy skin and coat.

Immune system

Super Premium Lamb and Rice for Adult dogs contains a balance of vitamins and vitamins which are nutrients which help to maintain a healthy immune system.

Sustained energy release

Super Premium Lamb and Rice for Adult dogs contains oats which allow for a sustained energy release.

Reduced faecal odour

Yucca schidigera extract is included in the formulation as it may help to reduce faecal odour.

What is Verm-X?

Verm-X is used in some of our foods. It is a natural product (100% herbal formulation) which helps to maintain optimal intestinal health.

The ingredients used in Verm-X are natural and non-GM. Verm-X is good for those pet owners wishing to follow routine healthcare involving less chemicals for their pet.

Verm-X is a gentle herbal product which helps to maintain a healthy environment in the intestines which in turn helps the gut to resist challenges to a state of optimal health.

Verm-X is safe during pregnancy and lactation. It is also safe to use Verm-X alongside pharmaceutical products should you wish to do so.

It is advised to have your pet checked for intestinal parasites as part of their normal health checking protocol. You should discuss frequency of any testing or conventional pharmaceutical treatments with your own vet.

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