The important link between nutrition and health

It is often said that "food should be your medicine and medicine be your food" and this is no less important for our pets than for people. As a vet I often see companion animals with health problems and with increasing frequency I am using dietary changes to help them.

As a result of helping pets in my veterinary clinic with various health issues I know that a good diet is key to their wellbeing. However not everyone has the time available to prepare a home-made diet for their dog or cat and many premium pet foods are expensive to buy. Therefore Mayfield Vet Nutrition was founded on the belief that a good diet is essential to a pet's wellbeing, but foods should be cost effective and convenient to those with today's busy lifestyles.

Holistic health care for pets

As a vet I see many poorly pets on a daily basis. Although the conditions and treatments are varied, each and every pet can be helped by providing a healthy balanced diet which meets their nutrient requirements at that time.

I strongly believe that good health is the natural state and that if given the opportunity the body will revert to a state of good health wherever possible.

In cases of acute illness the body is trying to heal itself and will often be able to do so. In cases of chronic illness the healing process has failed or perhaps been suppressed in some way.

Degenerative disease (such as renal failure) is often a problem where the non-replacable cells of the body simply become "worn out". A healthy diet throughout life can help these cells live for as long as possible.

When I treat pets it is important to provide the correct environment and conditions for healing. A good diet is essential for healing and long term health.

This is one of the primary principles of holistic veterinary medicine.